About Wallace Guitar Lessons

Scott Wallace has been teaching private lessons for acoustic, electric, and bass guitar in the Columbia/Mid-Missouri area since 2001. He also taught beginning guitar classes for adults and children for the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department for three years.  Hundreds of students in Missouri and Colorado have begun playing guitar and/or bass with Scott’s expert instruction.

Wallace founded and directed the “FireStarters” youth band for some of his most advanced students.  Many of his students have played for church youth groups, Boy Scouts, church services, schools, and recitals.  Some of his students have formed bands and made professional recordings. Scott is also involved in judging guitar performances for the Missouri Federation of Music Clubs Music Festival District 2 for the past five years.

Students are encouraged to learn and progress at their own level of interest, skill, and comprehension.  Students’ musical enjoyment, mental and spiritual enrichment, and the use of correct technique are also enhanced through these lessons. 

Scott Wallace Teaching GuitarScott Wallace sings and plays guitar professionally at churches, weddings, and parties and enjoys quality music in a variety of styles and arrangements.

In addition to teaching music, Scott is a certified public school teacher and has taught in the Mid-Missouri area for 13 years.

His goal and vision for each student is that music (guitar playing and singing specifically) will be an enjoyable and enriching experience and the student will want to continue to improve musically.

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